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Photo shoots
We capture weddings, families, couples: stories of life and people


This is to us a wedding reportage: a true, actual narration of your day through spontaneous and intimate pictures, whilst seeking an authentic and moving memory.
A modern wedding photo shoot.

A visual narration of your special day

Wedding reportage: what does it actually mean? Well, it means that you will never hear us saying “look at the camera” or “smile” or anything like that. Our intention is putting together a story that tells about your special day through honest and spontaneous pictures, which enclose and guard true feelings.

A candid story in which you can see yourselves and get real emotional.

There will be two photographers following you on your day, both sharing the same aim: witnessing your gestures, feels and love always without interfering.

panorama trentino matrimonio

It happens at times that a small “posed” photo session takes place within the wedding reportage: it simply is a brief, intimate instant between the spouses only. It’s an occasion to spend a few extra minutes with the feelings from the ceremony, before jumping into the swirl of excited friends and relatives. A walk together, gazing into each other’s eyes, little precious and private moments.


We look for a delicate connection with the family everyday: we suggest to spend some time together with them to capture small gestures, precious memories otherwise hard to keep.

Capture memories together with your family

Our idea of a family picture is perhaps somewhat peculiar. What we like as photographers is delicately and discreetly getting in touch with your family ordinariness; spending some time with the family within the walls of home or outside allows us to witness small gestures, interactions and complicity. Little details and movements which all make your family one of a kind. We therefore suggest to spend a day in each other’s company, it’s in the everyday and in its beauty that we believe in.


A photo session that’s dedicated to the couple, in the places that tell your love.
A small visual story for you only, spontaneous and natural yet still meticulously curated to detail.

Instants to live together

You don’t have to get married to gift each other precious memories of your love.
We try to assemble a little tale of love, creating a story that’s made of images and shared moments whilst always engaging with the couple.

These stories can be captured in the studio, though we normally prefer finding one or more locations: special places that can evoke feelings and memories. We want to tell a real story, yours.



Portraits need sensitivity and technique. For this reason we suggest studio photo sessions, where we have the best gear available for one-of-a-kind, never trivial imagines.

A face can say so many things

A portrait is a rather delicate matter and precisely for this reason, we dedicate lots of attention to it. Going into a photo studio and posing in front of a camera is no easy job, you have to know why you are doing it.

We think that one normally does it because they want to say something about themselves to others; we like to think ourselves as a bridge between those who want to tell and those who want to listen while even maybe being the first ones to hear you and your story out. Not only is an equipped studio a representation of expertise in this case but it also serves as a powerful means of expression at your full disposal.

ritratto di donna con fiori

Do you like what you see? Get in touch, we look forward to hearing your story.